2020年1月18日 星期六

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China’s Slowing Growth Underlines Stress Facing Its Economy in 2020

China emerged from 2019 with an official economic growth of 6.1%, within the government’s target but the lowest level in nearly three decades, as trade, investment, consumer spending and business confidence all face pressure.1893 hours ago

Heard on the Street: China Survived the Trade War in Good Shape

China’s Birth Rate Falls to New Low, Threatening Economy


Russia Reaffirms Its Global Ambitions After Political Transition

President Vladimir Putin’s top diplomat said a recent change of government and the “destabilizing” influence of the U.S. won’t distract the Kremlin from its biggest success: increasing Russia’s influence abroad.


Brazil Minister Ousted Over Remarks Echoing Nazi Propaganda

President Jair Bolsonaro fired the culture secretary over a speech he gave that contained phrases from Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.


Canada to Make Payments to Families Affected by Downing of Airliner

The payments would go to families of both Canadian citizens and permanent residents of the country who were on the Ukrainian jet that Iran has admitted it shot down by mistake.


American Troops Were Injured in Jan. 8 Iran Missile Attack

Nearly a dozen American troops were injured in the Iranian missile attack on two bases in Iraq last week, Defense Department officials said, after initially stating that there were no casualties in the strikes.194


In South China Sea Confrontation, Indonesia Resists China — Cautiously

A two-week standoff between the Chinese coast guard — escorting Chinese fishing boats — and the Indonesian navy illustrates the delicate decisions Southeast Asian officials face in pushing back against Beijing’s broad South China Sea claims.36

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Pakistani Court Overturns Treason Verdict Against Musharraf

Philippine Volcano Erupts Near Manila, Spewing Ash and Lava

Beijing Dismisses Taiwan Voters’ Rebuke Over Its Claims to Island


Ukraine’s Leader Rejects Premier’s Resignation Over Leaked Audio

What’s Next on the President’s Trade Agenda? Europe

German Shift From Coal Spurs Fresh Pain


U.S. Sanctions Iranian General Accused in Protest Crackdown

Supreme Leader Rallies Iranians, Praises Attacks on U.S. Bases

Iran Warns Nuclear- Deal Collapse Could Put European Troops at Risk


U.S. Goes From Support to Sanctions for African Ally

U.S. Says Attack in Kenya Kills Three Americans

South Africa’s Scandal-Hit State Firms Put Economy on ‘Cliff’s Edge


Thousands of Chinese Students’ Data Exposed on Internet

China’s Birth Rate Falls to New Low, Threatening Economy

U.S.-China Deal Could Upend the Way Nations Settle Disputes


Canada to Make Climate Change a Centerpiece of 2020 Budget Plan

Canada Labor Market Rebounded in December

Poloz Warns Damage to Economy From Trade Conflict Likely Permanent


Groups of Hondurans Set Off for U.S., as Mexico Pledges to Block Them

U.S. Blacklists Maduro Allies Behind National Assembly Takeover

U.S. Adds New Limits on Cuba Travel