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薛習在上大一英文時,老師用了一本教材叫做 1100 words you need to know。編排新穎,循序漸進。將1100個單字,分在一年之中,每週的第一至第四天,一天用一篇有趣的文章介紹五個單字,第五天複習(在廿幾年前,已有週休二日的觀念)。可惜當年程度差又不用功,不能成功記憶下來。因此,在薛習有這個創造單字記憶的念頭時,腦中自然浮現這本書來。字塾某段時間,幾乎都是以該書單字為目標,創造記憶法。今將已完成之部分,連結如下。日後當經常更新連結,期許有一日能將1100個單字全數征服。

2020年3月26日 星期四

2020/03/26 網路摘錄新聞標題

2020/03/26 網路摘錄新聞標題

Prince Charles Tests Positive for New Coronavirus
------video_youtubeBloomberg Markets and Finance

Source: Prince Charles 'Has a Bad Cough' as He Battles the Coronavirus
The prince is feeling OK and his family is confident he will pull through, a source says. But heaven forbid the Queen catches the coronavirus.
------The Daily Beast

Bolsonaro calls Brazilian cities' coronavirus lockdowns a ' crime'
Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro said local leaders who were locking down cities amid the coronavirus outbreak were committing a “crime.”
------Fox News

In Brazil, Bolsonaro Doubles Down On 'Exaggerated' Coronavirus
There's been a furious reaction in Brazil after President Jair Bolsonaro demanded an end to lockdowns imposed in his country's biggest cities in an effort to slow ...

In Surprise Move, Christchurch Shooting Suspect Pleads Guilty To 51 Counts Of Murder
The suspect in the shooting deaths of 51 worshipers at two Christchurch, New Zealand, mosques has pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder and terrorism ...

Christchurch shootings: Brenton Tarrant pleads guilty to 51 murders
A man accused of deadly attacks on mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch a year ago has pleaded guilty to 51 charges of murder. Brenton Tarrant ...
------BBC News

Coronavirus live updates: US deaths soar past 1,000, according to Johns Hopkins University
The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a jump of 104 cases and five more deaths. That brings the country's total to 9,241 cases and ...

Spain's coronavirus death toll surpasses China's

US believes ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson died in Iran: Family
Robert Levinson went missing in March 2007, when he was scheduled to meet a source on the Iranian island of Kish.
------Al Jazeera English

Ex-F.B.I. Agent Who Vanished on C.I.A. Mission to Iran Is Likely Dead, U.S. Concludes
WASHINGTON — Trump administration officials have concluded that Robert A. Levinson, the retired F.B.I. agent who disappeared in Iran in 2007 on an ...
------The New York Times

G-7 failed to agree on statement after U.S. insisted on calling coronavirus outbreak ‘Wuhan virus
Despite criticism, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said it is important to point out that the virus came from the Chinese city.
------The Washington Post

Pompeo, G-7 foreign ministers spar over 'Wuhan virus'
WASHINGTON — Foreign ministers from the Group of 7 leading industrialized democracies sparred Wednesday over whether to call out China as the source of ...

Coronavirus deals blow to Putin's plans to stay in power until 2036
Moscow (CNN) Russian President Vladimir Putin has long provided other world leaders with a template for authoritarian rule. Now he faces a new test: Whether ...

Moscow’s mayor, a Putin ally, says coronavirus outbreak in city worse than it looks, report says
Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow's mayor and ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the number of coronavirus cases in his city far exceeds the official numbers, ...
------Fox NewsYesterday

50000 Americans Stranded Abroad By Coronavirus Events, State Department Says
They're seeking help as countries close borders and flights are canceled to try to control the spread of the virus.

Netanyahu ally resigns, deepening Israeli political turmoil | News
Resignation of Yuli Edelstein clears way for Israeli opposition to go ahead with efforts to topple Benjamin Netanyahu.
------Al Jazeera English

Israel's parliament speaker resigns, but gavels session closed before replacement elected
JERUSALEM — Israel's speaker of the parliament abruptly resigned Wednesday, hours before a court-imposed deadline mandated a vote on replacing him.
------The Washington Post

Police in India use force on coronavirus lockdown violators
Baton-wielding cops donning surgical masks can be seen in the images and footage from Wednesday beating those breaking the rules in India.
------New York Post

India, Day 1: World’s Largest Coronavirus Lockdown Begins
About 1.3 billion Indians have been told to stay at home. For some, it will mean starving. And an already-fragile economy may collapse.
------The New York Times

Major Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits Off Russia's Kuril Islands
A 7.5 magnitude earthquake has been recorded beneath the northern Pacific Ocean near Russia's Kuril Islands, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS.).

Russia earthquake: tsunami warning cancelled after 7.5 magnitude event
A 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit off Russia's Kuril Islands on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said, prompting a tsunami warning that was later cancelled.
------The GuardianYesterday

Country preparing for the worst in handling coronavirus cases | WNT
------video_youtubeABC News

NYC morgues near capacity, DHS briefing warns
The Department of Homeland Security has been briefed that New York City's morgues are nearing capacity, according to a department official and a second ...

Pentagon confirms first coronavirus case at US military headquarters
The Pentagon reservation employs more than 22000 people, making it one of the largest office buildings in the world.

Pentagon orders 60-day troop freeze | TheHill
Defense Secretary Mark Esper has ordered a stop to all troop movement overseas for 60 days to attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the military, the ...
------The Hill

A Sewing Army, Making Masks for America
With overrun hospitals facing an acute shortage of masks, people are pulling out their sewing machines to fill the void.
------The New York Times

Who should wear a face mask, and do they stop the coronavirus?
Many people across Asia wear face masks to try and protect themselves against COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. * Masks work by ...
------Yahoo News

I can barely speak': Trump mocks Mitt Romney and Michael Avenatti in pair of coronavirus tweets
President Trump mocked Sen. Mitt Romney and the recently imprisoned Michael Avenatti over coronavirus-related news in a pair of tweets.
------Washington ExaminerYesterday

Trump trolls Romney over coronavirus test
President Trump taunted Mitt Romney on Wednesday after the Utah senator tested negative for coronavirus, ostensibly cheering the news before going on to ...
------Fox NewsYesterday

Two Grand Princess passengers die from coronavirus, officials say
Two passengers from the Grand Princess, a cruise ship that had coronavirus cases on board, have died after contracting the virus, officials said Wednesday.
------The Washington Post

10 dead, over 800 test positive in coronavirus outbreaks on Princess cruises, CDC says
More than 800 people aboard two ships belonging to the cruise line company, Princess Cruises, tested positive for the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease ...
------NBC NewsYesterday

Fact Check: US has done more coronavirus tests than South Korea, but not per person
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump and his administration have been criticized over the rate of coronavirus testing in the US, but on Wednesday, ...

Coronavirus testing kits to be provided by South Korea after Trump call
Officials in South Korea said Wednesday that they plan to provide coronavirus testing kits to the U.S. after President Trump made a request for help to cope with ...
------Fox News

Coronavirus in Mexico: President blamed for slow reaction to outbreak
------video_youtubeAl Jazeera English

Mexican Government to Suspend Activities From Thursday | World News
FILE PHOTO: Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez, Mexico's Undersecretary of Health Prevention and Promotion, attends a news conference with Mexico's President ...
------U.S. News & World Report

At Least 25 People Dead After Hours-Long Attack On Sikh Complex In Kabul
More than two dozen people are dead after an attack Wednesday on a Sikh place of worship in Kabul. The assault on the temple in the Afghan capital left at ...

Kabul Sikh Temple Attack: Gunman Kills 25
KABUL, Afghanistan — Militants stormed a crowded Sikh temple and housing complex in Kabul on Wednesday, killing at least 25 people in a six-hour siege just ...
------The New York Times

Domestic abuse victims in 'worst-case scenario' during outbreak, providers say
One evening last week, a 38-year-old woman showed up in the emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital. She had been beaten by her boyfriend.
------Los Angeles TimesYesterday

Domestic violence hotlines see a surge in calls across the country
Police data shows that officers are receiving a higher volume of domestic violence calls as lockdown measures have sparked concern that women are being ...
------Daily Mail

Lancaster County commissioners consider extending property tax deadline
The proposal would give taxpayers six more months to pay their property taxes without a penalty.
------WGAL Susquehanna Valley Pa.

US works to repatriate up to 5,000 Americans from Peru stranded due to coronavirus
There are close to 5000 Americans stranded in Peru as lawmakers put pressure on the State Department to repatriate them back to American amidst the ...
------Fox News

Americans still stranded overseas by coronavirus travel bans are frustrated, confused
Stranded Americans left confused, frustrated and angry by the U.S. response to the sudden border closures and canceled flights as countries try to stem the ...
------ABC News

Macron calls for national unity in war against coronavirus
PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron called for national unity as France wages "war" against coronavirus, and he promised a " massive investment ...

France's Macron pledges massive investment in health system after virus crisis
French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday pledged "massive investments" in the country's public hospital health system, close to a breaking point as it ...

Spain seeks urgent help from NATO
------video_youtubeAl Jazeera EnglishYesterday

Coronavirus death toll rises again in Italy, while Spain turns ice rink into morgue
The daily death toll from the coronavirus has increased once again in Italy, after two days of smaller rises, suggesting the worst may not yet be over for the ...

Afghans are fearful, angry with their warring leaders after U.S. pulls $1 billion in aid
KABUL — A wave of shock and anger spread here Tuesday as Afghans learned that U.S. officials plan to cut $1 billion in aid after Secretary of State Mike ...
------The Washington Post

For Afghanistan Already on Brink, U.S. Aid Cut Is a Big Shove
KABUL, Afghanistan — As President Trump repeatedly expressed fatigue with the long Afghan war, the concern among leaders in Kabul was not that the United ...
------The New York Times

How the doctor who survived coronavirus beat the disease
------video_youtubeThe TelegraphYesterday

Miss sports? Here are some odd things you can bet on during the coronavirus pandemic
------video_youtubeMiami Herald

Coronavirus Helps Bring Down Kosovo’s Government, With Nudge From U.S.
BERLIN — The coronavirus crisis contributed for the first time to the collapse of a national government on Wednesday after a majority of lawmakers in Kosovo ...
------The New York Times

Kosovo government falls in vote of no confidence
Row over sacking of minister leads to coalition partner pulling out.
------The Guardian

Jamal Khashoggi: Turkey charges 20 Saudis over journalist's murder
Turkey has charged 20 suspects over the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in October 2018. Prosecutors said an indictment accused ...
------BBC NewsYesterday

Turkey incdicts 20 Saudis in Khashoggi murder - The
ISTANBUL — Prosecutors in Istanbul said Wednesday they had indicted 20 Saudi nationals, including two senior officials, on murder charges after an ...
------The Washington Post

Coronavirus wants to kill you': ICU Patient urges people to follow government advice
------video_youtubeThe TelegraphYesterday

UK PM Johnson says support for self-employed coming in 'next couple of days'
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday the government would set out "in the next couple of days" what support it would be giving ...

What Is Shelter in Place and Which States are on Lockdown Due to Coronavirus?
Multiple states in the U.S. have issued shelter in place orders to delay the spread of the coronavirus. The shelter in place orders vary by state but typically require ...

Here are the do's and don'ts of going outside under a lockdown order - Business Insider
"Lockdown," "shelter-in-place," and "stay-at-home" orders to contain the coronavirus are sometimes used interchangeably, but restrictions vary.
------Business Insider

03:27 New Zealand Declares State of Emergency
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern discusses the measures the government is taking amid the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier the government declared ...

Photos: India's 1.3 billion people on lockdown to stop COVID-19 spread - Business Insider
"Every state, every district, every lane, every village will be under lockdown," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said according to The New York Times.
------Business InsiderYesterday

World Health Organization director praises Trump's leadership in response to coronavirus pandemic
The head of the World Health Organization on Wednesday praised President Trump for his leadership in handling the novel coronavirus outbreak and said the ...
------Fox News

WHO Issues a Rare Public Scolding, Saying Countries Wasting Time
Governments should stop wasting precious time needed to fight the coronavirus after squandering an opportunity to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, the World ...

Italy shuts down more industries, but critics say it's not enough
A new decree aims to help stem coronavirus infection after the death toll jumped by almost 800 in one day.
------Al Jazeera English

A deluge of death in northern Italy
Lombardy, the wealthiest and most populous region in Italy, reported its first case of coronavirus on Feb. 21 a short distance from Milan — Italy's financial capital.

Canada turns inward as pandemic surges within and beyond its borders
Justin Trudeau was long the anti-Trump when it came to borders, once telling refugees in a tweet that Canada's doors were wide open and advocating for a ...

China hijacks New Mexico mom's tweets for coronavirus propaganda campaign: report
A young mom from New Mexico has found herself at the center of China's propaganda campaign after a notorious Chinese diplomat retweeted her messages in ...
------Fox NewsYesterday

Twitter comes under fire over Chinese disinformation on coronavirus spread | TheHill
Twitter is being pulled into the middle of a fight between the Trump administration and China over the coronavirus.
------The HillYesterday

WHO warns the US will become coronavirus epicenter but there may be time to turn it around
WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said on Wednesday that she believes the US can change its trajectory by testing and quarantining those who have been ...
------Daily Mail

US on track to become next coronavirus epicenter, but there's time to reverse course, health official says
There's still time to stop the United States from becoming the next epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic, a World Health Organization spokeswoman told ...

South Africa deploys police and army to enforce 3-week coronavirus lockdown
South Africa has announced a nationwide lockdown of its 56 million inhabitants for 21 days, enforced by police and the army, in a bid to curtail the spread of ...

South Africa's coronavirus lockdown will hurt its poor the most
In a televised address delivered on the evening of Mar. 23, president Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown and implored South Africans to make ...
------Quartz AfricaYesterday

US coronavirus cases surge tenfold in a week to 50,000, global infections soar past 400,000
Confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world topped 200000 last week.

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400000 - BBC News
------video_youtubeBBC NewsYesterday


[`tælɪ; 'tæli] (發音來源)


['wɔːkaʊt; 'wɔkaʊt] (發音來源)

2020年3月25日 星期三


['peɪɔːf; 'pe,ɔf] (發音來源)


[bʌmp; bʌmp] (發音來源)


[kə`læmətɪ; kə'læməti] (發音來源)

[root] calam



[`aʊt`raɪt; aut'rait] (發音來源)


[di`krɪmənlˌaɪz; ˌdi:'krimənəlaiz] (發音來源)


[`æbdəˌket; 'æbdikeit] (發音來源)

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2020/03/24 網路摘錄新聞標題

2020/03/24 網路摘錄新聞標題
Boris Johnson issues stay-at-home order, sending UK into lockdown to fight coronavirus pandemic
London (CNN) The UK is banning people from leaving their homes apart from for a few "very limited" reasons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on ...

Boris Johnson Tells the British People: You Must Stay Home
------video_youtubeBloomberg Politics

Coronavirus: Italy Sees Slight Slowdown In Deaths And New Cases
Topline: As Italy saw slowdowns in both new confirmed coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths Monday, Italian officials are cautiously optimistic that the ...

New coronavirus cases drop in Italy for second day | TheHill
Italy recorded a lower day-to-day increase of coronavirus cases for the second day in a row Monday, officials said.
------The Hill

Trump administration slashes Afghan aid after Pompeo visit | TheHill
The Trump administration is cutting $1 billion in assistance to Afghanistan after its rival leaders failed to resolve their dispute following Secretary of State Mike ...
------The Hill

Pompeo Talks to Taliban, Afghan Leaders in Bid to Settle Dispute Impeding U.S. Exit
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched an urgent diplomatic rescue mission on Monday that failed to produce a breakthrough in his efforts to advance the ...
------The Wall Street Journal

South Africa to go into 21-day lockdown on Thursday night
Cyril Ramaphosa has imposed a 21-day total lockdown on the 56 million inhabitants of South Africa, telling them in an address that the unprecedented and ...
------The Guardian

South Africa goes on 21-day lockdown as coronavirus cases surge
South Africa's leader on Monday ordered a 21-day country-wide lockdown as the country confronted a rising surge in coronavirus cases--a number that was the ...
------Fox News

Exclusive: Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike
Elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, sources told Reuters, part of what a senior agency official said was a more than ...

13,000 stranded Americans struggle to find way home as pandemic surges
As the State Department arranges flights to bring back Americans stuck abroad by border closures and flight cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic, ...

Window is closing fast.' State Dept scrambles to bring 13,000 stranded Americans home amid coronavirus
WASHINGTON – The State Department says more than 13,000 Americans stranded abroad have contacted the agency for help getting home amid the ...

Europe scrambles for beds and supplies amid coronavirus surge - The
A team of firefighters and volunteers turned a 15,000-square-foot hall in a convention center in Vienna into an 880-bed coronavirus hospital over the course of a ...
------The Washington Post

Germany’s coronavirus cases may be ‘flattening’ as deaths in Italy and Spain still rising
Germany may have begun to successfully flatten the curve amid the global coronavirus pandemic while the death tolls in Spain and Italy continue to spike ...
------Fox NewsYesterday

Governors Beg for Medical Supplies as Trump Refuses to Act
On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his daily coronavirus press conference and issued what has now become a standard entreaty.
------ Slate

Trump Deploys National Guard To Help States Respond To The Coronavirus | NBC News
------video_youtubeNBC NewsYesterday

Beijing's leading doctor warns of a new coronavirus outbreak in China
One of China's top coronavirus experts has warned that the nation is facing a second outbreak due to the increasing number of infections detected among new ...
------Daily Mail

The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Lies
On today's menu: a day-by-day, month-by-month breakdown of China's coronavirus coverup and the irreparable damage it has caused around the globe.
------National ReviewYesterday

Iran says US should lift sanctions to help country fight coronavirus pandemic
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Washington should lift sanctions if it wants to help Tehran to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
------New York PostYesterday

Iranian president: US could lift sanctions if it wants to help | TheHill
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the U.S. should lift sanctions on Tehran if it wants to help with the nation's coronavirus outbreak.
------The HillYesterday

Coronavirus Could Trigger Canada's Largest Peacetime Airlift In History : Coronavirus Live Updates
Canada is conducting a massive airlift, bringing thousands home at no cost in cooperation with Canada's commercial airlines. As domestic routes are cut back, ...

Questions surround availability of COVID-19 tests in Canada
------video_youtubeCBC News: The NationalYesterday

Coronavirus: Pandemic is ' accelerating', WHO warns as cases pass 300,000
More than 300000 cases have now been reported, as Covid-19 spreads to almost every country.
------BBC News

Social distancing won't stop 'accelerating' coronavirus pandemic, WHO warns
Coronavirus spread is "accelerating" across the world -- and physical distancing measures are not enough to stop the pandemic, the head of the World Health ...
------New York Post

Why business is booming at this Pennsylvania gun store during the coronavirus outbreak
------video_youtubeWashington Post
Coronavirus in US: Volunteers deliver meals to poorest students
------video_youtubeAl Jazeera English

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tests negative for coronavirus
Merkel's contact with a coronavirus- positive doctor was only brief, says chief of staff.
------Al Jazeera English

Germany's Merkel in Quarantine
------video_youtubeBloomberg PoliticsYesterday

Coronavirus: Spanish army finds care home residents 'dead and abandoned'
An inquiry is launched after soldiers discover elderly coronavirus victims "dead in their beds".
------BBC News

Coronavirus patients spotted lying on floor at overrun Madrid hospital
Chilling scenes have emerged from hospitals in Madrid, Spain, that have been overrun by coronavirus patients– showing some sprawled out over the floor.
------New York PostYesterday

Some Twitter Users Really Think Putin Released Hundreds of Lions in Russian Streets to Make People Stay Home
Some people believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin has released hundreds of lions into the streets of Russia as a way to keep people in their homes and ...

Is Russia prepared for a coronavirus outbreak?
Russians say infection could spread quickly as authorities are slow to act, while the rich allegedly hoard ventilators.
------Al Jazeera English

Netanyahu ally, Israeli Supreme Court clash, with PM's future at stake
Israel's Supreme Court ordered the speaker of the parliament on Monday to put into motion a move in parliament, which he had rejected, that could weaken ...

Citing Threat to Israeli Democracy, Netanyahu Opponents Take Battle to Supreme Court
Citing a threat to Israeli democracy, opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Supreme Court on Sunday to block what they described as a ...
------The New York TimesYesterday

India suspends domestic flights as coronavirus spreads
India has announced that it is stopping domestic flights and said the majority of the country was under complete lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus as ...
------The Guardian

Millions in India under coronavirus lockdown as major cities restrict daily life
Millions of people across India have been placed under lockdown until the end of the month as efforts to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country ...

These nursing home residents are spending their lockdown playing Hungry Hungry Hippos
Staff and residents at Bryn Celyn Care Home in Wales, United Kingdom, are getting creative about passing the time.

Coronavirus: Here’s how it spread in Santa Clara County
CLICK HERE if you're having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile device. With a diverse and well-traveled population, Santa Clara County is especially ...
------The Mercury NewsYesterday

Santa Clara County jail inmate tests positive for COVID-19
The 31-year-old man is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the county jail system, though others were previously quarantined.
------The Mercury News

North Korea Says Trump’s Letter Offers Anti- Virus Cooperation
President Donald Trump sent a personal letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, seeking to maintain good relations and offering cooperation in fighting the ...

North Korea Says Donald Trump Sent Kim Jong Un a Letter Offering Coronavirus Aid: Report
The White House confirmed that President Donald Trump sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un regarding the global coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing
------video_youtubeFox NewsYesterday

Watch live: White House coronavirus task force holds briefing
------video_youtubeNBC News

The virus shows the danger of a president who cares only about the stock market
President Trump made the stock market his scorecard. Bad idea, but also revealing of a disdain for governance that has proved extremely costly.
------The Washington Post

Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump began March with a barrage of false claims about the coronavirus pandemic -- understating the extent of the crisis, ...